I am using this site to kickstart my motivation to write again.
Since I just wrote this blurb, I guess it's already working.

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I have always loved nature and photography, but I've only recently had the time (well, made the time) to combine these passions and expand my understanding of both.

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If you want to order  prints or hire me to organize your camper, this link is for you.

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My Main Message

My feelings would be best expressed in a monologue from the made-from-TV movie SUPERSTAR. I will be quoting the victimized, yet resilient, Mary Katherine Gallagher.

And that's my story. That's my entire story. I wanted you to know so you would understand why I can't see you anymore. So, I guess this is goodbye.

What are you saying? You want a goodbye WHAT? No I can't. I can't. I'm seeing Slater now.

Oh you're so bad. Okay just one for the road.

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