Yeah, I’ll Bet

I check my watch as cards scoot nearer,
I check my face in the hall mirror,
I check my hand and pile it neatly,
I check your expression, however discreetly,
I check my baggage at the door,
I check for now and wait for more.

I see the flop fall into place,
I see the smirk crawl on your face,
I see the pot intently growing,
I see the conversation slowing,
I see my chances, could be worse,
I see you, I reach for my purse.

I raise my drink up to my lips,
I raise my cards in my fingertips,
I raise my cigarette as it burns,
I raise my eyes as the card turns,
I raise chips from my modest pile,
I raise you, and try not to smile.

I hold still, waiting for the river,
I hold back an excited shiver,
I hold the remainder of my chips,
I hold high hopes as the last card flips,
I hold ‘em like Texas, and as I grin,
I hold my breath, cause I’m all in.

The money’s nice, but I crave the sin,
And as long as I’m in, I always win.

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